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Building Modern Data Governance: Declarative vs Actionable

Whether your company is only exploring data governance projects or is struggling to maintain standards at the global scale, actionable data governance through automation, data lineage tracking, AI-powered quality rules and granular security is a solution which must be explored. Discover how data fabric products help companies in highly-regulated and data-driven industries be in full control of their data, access to it and its quality.

Eliminate all data silos, automate data quality and consistency, ensure compliance in all your operations, minimize costs and get your team to make better decisions with the only product that has actionable data governance at its core - Stratio Generative AI Data Fabric.

Read Stratio's latest whitepaper to learn:

  • How data fabric helps eliminate all data silos
  • Benefits of actionable data governance approach
  • Common use cases for implementing actionable data governance approach in different industries

Well governed data is the key to success

Learn how actionable data governance maintains your company's data quality, accuracy, and security in amore effective way.

Stratio┬┤s actionable data governance enables companies to have granular security when adopting Gen AI models. It also ensures that global data ownership, quality and security rules are applied automatically, saving tons of time and effort for data experts and business users. Ultimately, for highly regulated industries, compliance becomes effortless and practically automatic too.

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